Hazelnut Butters

What are Hazelnut Butters?

Hazelnut butters are delicious spreads made from whole hazelnuts, which have been roasted in their skin and ground to form the smooth textured butter you see before you. The hazelnuts being roasted before grinding serves to enhance the natural flavours, giving each spread the distinct taste of hazelnuts. Unlike most hazelnut butters and chocolate spreads on the market, the items we stock in this category are free from artificial flavours and added sugars.

What have we got to offer?

Here at Evergreen Healthfoods we stock a number of hazelnut butters, available in a variety of different ways. For a pure hazelnut butter spreads we have an offering from Meridian with no added ingredients. For something a little different we have a Triple Nut butter from Keen, which also contains almonds and cashews. Lastly we have Hazelnut butters which are combined with a chocolate spread, which make for a delicious addition to things like pancakes or smoothies.
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