Other Butters

What are Other Butters?

Other butters is a collection of all of our nut and seed spreads which didn’t fit into one of the previous categories. In this section you can expect to find a variety of butters including sesame, apricot, hemp, pumpkin and more. They all have their own unique tastes and health benefits, so take a look at the individual product pages for more information. All of the items in this section contain nothing but natural ingredients; that means no artificial flavours or preservatives.

What have we got to offer?

We have all kinds of nut and seed butters available in all manner of flavours, sizes and textures, as well as organic or non-organic, so take a look at all of our offering to find the right product for you. To help you narrow that search down we have a set of filters below which lets you sort by special dietary requirements, so you can find the right product sooner.
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