Peanut Butters

What are Peanut Butters?

Peanut butters are a delicious range of spreads made from whole skin peanuts ground into a paste. Despite the delicious taste peanut butters are surprisingly healthy as they contain proteins, fibres and minerals needed in a balanced diet. They are sorted into one of two categories, smooth or crunchy. Crunchy peanut butters have a rougher consistency than the smooth peanut butters, which is a matter of preference for most people. The peanuts have been roasted prior to grinding for an enhanced taste without any additions. Unlike a lot of the peanut butters you may find in the supermarket however, all of our products are free from artificial additives like sweeteners and preservatives.

What have we got to offer?

We have a number of peanut butter offerings available to you, in different sizes, flavours and textures. For textures you can choose between our crunchy and smooth offerings. For flavours we have peanut butters enhanced with coconut, hemp and sea salt. You can click through to the product pages for more information, but we also have filters for you to search by special dietary requirements.
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