What is Agave?

Agave is a plant which contains a wonderful natural sweetener. Agave syrup or nectar is extracted from the leaves of the plant and filtered to remove any impurities which may occur. This syrup is similar in many respects to honey, with a few key differences; It is typically lighter and more liquid than honey, whilst being sweeter so you don’t need to include as much. There is also agave sugar available, which is made from dried agave syrup, perfect for those who prefer granular sugar. Both types of agave are low G.I, and all of our agave products are certified organic.

Why buy Agave from Evergreen?

When you buy from Evergreen you can be assured that you are getting the best quality produce available. Our products are certified organic, and contain no artificial ingredients or fillers. You can take a closer look at each of the items in this category for more information.
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  1. Out of Stock image Biona Organic Agave Sugar

    Biona Organic Agave Sugar

    Biona Organic Agave Sugar is a natural, organic sweetener made from dried Blue Agave Syrup from the Mexican Blue Agave plant. Perfect for use in baking or for adding to hot drinks, Agave sugar has ... Learn More
  2. Biona Organic Light Agave Syrup

    Biona Organic Light Agave Syrup

    Biona Organic Light Agave Syrup is a light, sweet tasting syrup which is perfect for use as a natural sweetener. It can be used to sweeten baked goods such as cakes, buns or biscuits as well as cer... Learn More