Raw Bars

What are Raw Bars?

Raw bars are simply a healthier alternative to most other bars. They are made from a careful selection of fruits, nuts and sometimes cocoa, all wrapped up in a bar. The reason they so good is that they are full of nutrient rich ingredients. In a normal bar, these ingredients would be cooked and processed, which kills off a lot of the valuable nutrients. Raw bars don’t suffer from this issue, because baking them isn’t necessary. We have a variety of offerings with different tastes and textures to choose from, so take a look at what we’ve got.

What kind of options are there?

There are an exceptional number of raw bars for you to choose from, to hopefully suit all needs. The bars from Nakd and Eat Natural are made almost entirely from fruits and nuts, along with some flavourful additions such as blueberries or ginger. We also have some gorgeous raw chocolate bars from Ombar which are a big hit with the customers. We have a set of filters in place below to help you find the right item for you dietary needs.
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