Cacao & Maca

What is Cacao and Maca?

Cacao and maca are two plants native to south America which are packed full of amazing natural nutrients which have numerous health benefits. Both cacao and maca undergo minimal processing to preserve as many of the nutrients as is possible. Cacao contains many B vitamins, as well as minerals like magnesium and zinc, antioxidants like polyphenols which are a natural antioxidant. These nutrients lend themselves to improved cardiovascular health and function through the flavanoids present. Cacao can also be used in baking to give items that distinct chocolate flavour. Maca also contains a selection of important vitamins, as well as minerals like iron and calcium and essential amino acids. Supplementing maca into your diet can help increase your energy levels, increase natural antioxidant levels and can aid in the production of hormones, which may help increase fertility.

Buying Cacao and Maca

Cacao and maca are available both as supplements and as an ingredient in existing products. You can find them in powder or capsule form, and filter by special dietary requirements to pick the supplement which suits your needs the most. Take a closer look at each of the items product page for more information.
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