Raw Bars

What are Raw Bars?

Raw bars are simply bars whose ingredients haven’t been cooked, to preserve as many of the natural nutrients as possible. All of our bars contain a varied selection of superfoods which greatly benefit from being raw, as well as fruits and nuts which provide the energy required to keep you going. Some of those ingredients include goji berries, coconut, almonds and cashews.

What have we got to offer?

We have plenty of raw bar offerings, to hopefully suit the needs of all customers. If you are looking for a bar to provide some energy during a workout, try something like a nut-seed bar which is packed full of the energy needed to keep you going. But if you are looking for a more chocolate-y fix, there are a large selection of raw chocolate bars which contain a surprisingly large number of important nutrients. All of our chocolate bars are also dairy free, making them suitable for vegans. You can use the filters below to search by even more dietary requirements.
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