What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is an incredibly nutritious food supplement made from the wheat plant, but it makes use of the grassy parts of the plant before the grains begin to grow so it is naturally gluten free and packed full of nutrients you won’t find in regular wheat. It contains a vast array of vitamins, minerals, fibres, antioxidants and chlorophyll, all of which are necessary for maintaining good health. Wheatgrass is prepared in one of two ways, as a powder or as a juice. The powdered form is freeze dried to preserve as many of the important nutrients as possible without the use of artificial preservatives.

What have we got to offer?

We have numerous supplements which contain either pure wheatgrass, or contain a blend of wheatgrass along with other superfoods. If you are looking for some easy to take capsules or tablets, we have those available in organic varieties. If you would prefer your wheatgrass powdered however, there are numerous options available to you including pure wheatgrass and superfood mixes. They can be incorporated into all kinds of foods and drinks, including smoothies, baking and more. Lastly there is pure wheatgrass juice available should you prefer it that way. You can use the filters below to help you find the right product for your needs.
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