What Brands Do Evergreen.ie Stock?

Here at Evergreen.ie we stock a wide array of natural health food supplements from some of the most well-known and trusted brands, covering a variety of supplement types including tablets, sprays, liquid drops and even drug-free arm bands. If there is any product you want that is not displayed on our website, please send us an email and we will do everything we can to source it for you.

Why Buy Products from Evergreen.ie?

Some of our popular brands have offerings for both tablets and nasal sprays, using natural ingredients like pollinosan to target toxins associated with allergies like histamines. The nasal spray offering also cleanses the nasal passages from allergens, whilst helping to moisten the mucus membranes. These sprays contain no added preservatives which may harm the nasal passage. For a drug free alternative there is Hayband, an armband that uses acupressure which may help to support the symptoms of hay fever, targeting the LI-11 pressure point. It’s fast acting, reusable and has zero negative side effects.
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