Hay Fever

Hay fever is the name we give to the symptoms experienced if your body overreacts to pollens or spores in the air. By overreacting, your body releases chemicals which can inflame the nasal passages, sinuses and eyelids. Your body will try to expel pollens and spores by making you sneeze, cry or by making your nose run constantly. Hay fever can run from March to early August depending on the pollen and effects one in four people. If you do suffer from hay fever, you may think there is nothing you can do to alleviate it apart from over the counter anti-histamines. However, here at Evergreen we have seen lots of people overcome it completely with herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes. We stock a number of natural herbs, supplements and formulas which can help to reduce and even completely overcome hay fevers nasty symptoms. We stock bands, tablets, capsules, sprays, herbs and even teas which have been shown to help relieve hay fever symptoms so you are sure to find something that suits yours and your family’s needs. For more information on hay fever, check out our blog: https://www.evergreen.ie/blog.
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