Eyes, Ears & Mouth

Taking Care of Our Eyes, Ears & Mouth With Evergreen.ie

Our eyes and ears are important for everything in life, so it’s only right we take care of them. With many of us spending hours in front of computer screens and tvs, or staring at phones, our eyes and ears need all the protection they can get.

Buying Eyes, Ears & Mouth Products at Evergreen.ie

Here at Evergreen.ie we offer a number of products aimed at supporting eye health. There are a number of eye drops or sprays available for dry, tired eyes causes by contact lenses, computers, air conditioning etc. Drops can be taken at any time to help support your eye health and alleviate dry eyes. We also have an offering of food supplements, containing a selection of botanical extracts, vitamins, amino acids and lutein which support optimal eye healh. For the ears we can offer tinctures and dietary supplements, which can help to alleviate ear infections and protect the irritated interior.
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