Dry & Tired Eyes

What Are Dry & Tired Eyes?

With the increased use of digital devises such as phones and computers, it is no wonder dry eyes and tired eyes are so common. It is estimated we blink 50% less when staring at a screen which can greatly increase your chance of dry and tired eyes. Dry and tired eyes can have a number of symptoms including sore, burning or irritated eyes, difficulty focusing, dry/watery eyes, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Reading, writing and driving can also increase the risk of dry and tired eyes. Simple things like a good night’s sleep, resting your eyes and reducing time spent in front of a screen can help reduce its symptoms. There is also a wide selection of natural eye care available to help support eye health and ease eye discomfort.

Products Available at Evergreen.ie For Dry & Tired Eyes

Evergreen.ie stock a wide range of products which can help support your eye health and alleviate the symptoms of dry and tired eyes. We stock a number of drops, sprays and supplements which can aid eye health. Evergreen Healthfoods stock only the very best brands including A. Vogel, Nature’s Answer and Higher Nature to name but a few. Click below for more information on how these products can benefit your tired, dry eyes.
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