Heart Health & Cholesterol

Taking Care of your Heart & Cholesterol

A good diet and exercise are critical elements to maintaining a healthy heart and reducing cholesterol. There are a number of nutrients which are essential to heart health and regular cholesterol levels. Often we lack in some of the most important nutrients for heart and cholesterol health and therefore supplements may be necessary.

Buying Heart & Cholesterol Products from Evergreen.ie

Here at Evergreen.ie we stock a huge range of products which support cholesterol levels and heart health. It must be stressed though, a well-balanced diet and exercise are essential for heart health and normal cholesterol levels. We stock a wide range of high quality, popular food supplements including Cleanmarine, Revive Active, Solgar, Patrick Holford, Nature’s Plus, Zerochol and Higher Nature. At evergreen.ie we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs, so if there is ever any product you want that is not displayed on our website then please send us a email and we will do everything we can to source it for you. If you are currently taking any prescribed medication, do consult your doctor before purchasing any heart health supplements online.
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