Nature's Plus Source Of Life GOLD Bar


Nature's Plus Source Of Life GOLD Bar - 50g


The Nature’s Plus Source Of Life Gold bar includes the trademark Source of Life Gold range ingredients and is packed with acai, resveratrol, vitamins D3, K2, C, B12 and A, CoQ10 and a selection of over 120 nutritious whole foods, all in a delicious chocolate berry flavour. Made from chia, sprouted whole brown rice and pea protein, the Source of Life Gold bar doubles up as a nutritious energy-boosting snack and a delicious guilt free treat, perfect for on-the-go hunger quenching. These bars are gluten and wheat free. They do not contain any iron and are free from lupein, soybean, sesame seed and sulphur dioxide.

Additional Information

Special Diet Requirements Gluten Free
Sports Supplement Type Bars
For the best results, use as an energy booster or meal replacement.
Bran granola (rolled oats, honey, vanilla extract, lecithin), Citrisweet Whole Food Blend (agave, oligofructose, pea protein isolate, natural flavors),Coating (fractionated vegetable oil, cocoa [processed with alkali], whey, lecithin, natural flavors), Whole Food Omega Fatty Acid Blend (chia whole grain, spirulina, sunflower seed, black currant, borage, flax), Full Spectrum Prebiotic Fiber Complex (FOS, chia whole grain fiber, apple pectin, modified citrus pectin, soluble vegetable oligosaccharides, flax) Gold Standard Non-GMO Protein Blend (chia protein, rice protein, pea protein, flax protein), dried cranberries, almond slices, natural flavors, canola oil, vegetable glycerin, Vitamin and Mineral Blend (vitamin C [ascorbic acid, esterified C (ascorbyl palmitate), Organic Gold Standard‡], calcium [citrate/aminoate], d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, magnesium [citrate/aminoate complex], potassium citrate, pantothenic acid [calcium pantothenate; Organic Gold Standard ‡], zinc [gluconate/aminoate complex], niacin [niacinamide; Organic Gold Standard ‡] vitamin A [palmitate; mixed carotenoids from spirulina and Dunaliella salina], manganese [gluconate/aminoate], vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride; Organic Gold Standard‡], vitamin B1 [thiamine mononitrate; Organic Gold Standard‡], vitamin B2 [riboflavin; Organic Gold Standard‡], selenium aminoate, vitamin K2 [menaquinone-4, menaquinone-7], copper [aminoate; from chlorophyllin]; vitamin B12 [cyanocobalamin], folate [folic acid; Organic Gold Standard‡], potassium iodide, chromium picolinate, biotin), chlorophyll (from spirulina and copper chlorophyllin), Bioflavonoid/Antioxidant Whole Food Blend (active flavonols, flavonones, flavones & naringen, hesperidin, eriocitrin [from Citrus limon exocarp]; quercetin, rutin), Korean ginseng, citric acid, malic acid, inositol, choline bitartrate, lycopene, salt, Enzyme-rich Whole Food Blend (pineapple, papaya, beet juice, turmeric, parsley, ginger), lutein, PABA, Multi Color Whole Food Blend (over 100 whole foods)† - ‡Organic Gold Standard Whole Food Complex (guava, holy basil, lemon extracts, amla [Emblica officinalis] fruit) (std. naturally occurring B complex and vitamin C), Energizing and Cleansing Green Whole Food Blend†(spirulina, camu-camu, barley grass juice, beet greens, broccoli, spinach, Chinese green tea [decaffeinated], turmeric, Korean ginseng, Echinacea purpurea, olive leaves, kale), Strength and Endurance White Whole Food Blend† (white nectarine, white peach, white fig, white tea, cauliflower, garlic, onion), Defense and Repair Yellow Whole Food Blend† (carrot, mango, grapefruit, yellow squash, golden kiwi, cantaloupe), Brain Support Blue Whole Food Blend (black currant extract, blueberry, blackberry, elderberry, wolfberry [goji], açai), Anti-Aging Red Whole Food Blend† (noni, mangosteen, apple, cranberry, tomato, red grape, red wine [alcohol free]), coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Trans-Resveratrol Complex† (from std. concentrates of red wine [V. vinifera fruit] [alcohol-free], grape seed and Polygonum cuspidatum root), Trace Mineral Complex (soluble prehistoric plant-based), Whole Food PhytoAlgae and Organic Mushroom Blend† (proprietary complex of phenalgin [std. polyphenols calc. as phlorotannins], chlorella [broken cell], cryptomondales, red kelp, brown kelp, ulva, red seaweed, dulse, rockweed; Mushrooms: wood ear, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, oyster mushroom, white wood ear), Anti-Aging Blend† (R-lipoic acid, MSM, glutathione).

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