What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning it can be synthesized in the body. However, in many children and people with certain conditions l-arginine is considered semi-essential. L-arginine is essential for the production of protein, to help the body remove ammonia and to release insulin. L-arginine also makes a compound that relaxes the blood vessels called nitric oxide. This amino acid can be sourced in many plant and animal proteins including meats, eggs, dairy products and nuts. L-arginine has many benefits and is often supplemented.

Buying L-arginine Supplements

At Evergreen Healthfoods, we stock a wide range of supplements which contain l-arginine. This amino acid can also be found in supplements on its own and in different strengths. Take a look at our extensive range of amino acids to find more information on this amino acid and many more.
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