Digestion & Probiotics

Why Take Digestion & Probiotics Supplements?

Digestive health issues are probably the most common complaint from Evergreen customers. Our modern diets and reduced intake of water has resulted in poor and slow digestion. Unfortunately, digestive issues come with unpleasant symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea, an upset stomach, acid reflux and bloating. There are a few ways to help you to maintain optimum digestive health. Eat your food slowly so that your digestive system isn't quickly overloaded with food. Exercise to get the stomach muscles and colon moving. Monitor changes in your bowel movements and try to keep stress levels down as stress can affect your digestive system. Take a probiotic or digestive aiding supplement to ensure your gut has balanced bacteria levels and to provide an environment in which your digestive system can thrive.

Buying Digestive Health Supplements & Probiotics at Evergreen.ie

At Evergreen.ie, we have many digestive supplements that may help to treat IBS, bloating and other digestive ailments. We stock the very best brands such as NHP, Solgar, Optibac, Viridian, Udo's Choice, BioCare and Solaray who have specialised supplements to support your digestive system naturally.
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