Cardiovascular Support

What is Cardiovascular Support?

Cardiovascular support is simply helping to ensure your heart is receiving adequate care and protection. There are many ways you can start caring for your heart including regular exercise, a healthy diet, and supplementing natural ingredients into your daily routine which can have a positive effect on the heart. As far as supplements go there are many approaches. You can target the bad cholesterols (LDL) and increase the good kinds of cholesterol (HDL) which puts less stress on the arteries. Many supplements such as omega oils support this. There are also natural supplements which can help with blood pressure, such as garlic or hawthorn extracts. CoQ10 and its active form ubiquinol are often taken for the heart, as they are a source of energy which can help keep the heart beating strong, and improve circulation. Most of these supplements also contain antioxidants, which help protect the heart and the cells around it.

Buying cardiovascular support supplements

There are many different kinds of supplements which help support heart health. If you are looking for something which can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, a supplement containing omega oils or plant sterols may be right for you. For an antioxidant or energy booster, CoQ10 and ubiquinol can get to work helping to support a strong heart. You can search by supplement type, dietary requirements and more below, to find the item which is best suited to your needs.
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  1. A. Vogel Swiss Garlic

    A. Vogel Swiss Garlic

    The Swiss Garlic capsules are among A.Vogel's most popular supplements. Garlic is best known for its use as a seasoning in foods, but it has several other benefits. It has been shown to aid the low... Learn More
  2. Out of Stock image BioCare DriCelle Omega Plex

    BioCare DriCelle Omega Plex

    BioCare DriCelle Omega Plex Powder is formulated using the trademark DriCelle process which locks microscopically small drops of essential fatty acids into a "micelle" meaning large doses of essent... Learn More
  3. Heart Health image BioCare Mega EPA

    BioCare Mega EPA

    BioCare Mega EPA provides EPA and DHA with lecithin and olive oil to ensure maximum absorption. These concentrated fish oil capsules provide a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 aids many ... Learn More
  4. BioMedical Cardio-P

    BioMedical Cardio-P

    BioMedical Cardio-P contains 500mg of Potassium Chloride, 165mcg of Thiamine (B1), and 102mg of Magnesium Oxide per tablet, making it the ideal and convenient one-a-day supplement that may help hyp... Learn More
  5. Cleanmarine Cardio 40+

    Cleanmarine Cardio 40+

    Did you know that your heart requires a combination of different nutrients for optimal function and health? Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ contains all the heart supporting benefits of krill oil, plus adde... Learn More
  6. Cleanmarine Krill Oil

    Cleanmarine Krill Oil

    This is a 100% pure Omega Oil supplement that amazingly have no fishy aftertaste. Krill Oil is better for the body than fish oil as it contains the same essential fatty acids required by the body f... Learn More
  7. Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids

    Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids

    This children's supplement contains a form of Omega 3 called phospholipids. This form have proven to be highly effective even when taking lower doses compared to the effects of regular fish oils. I... Learn More
  8. Out of Stock image Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids Orange Burst

    Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids Orange Burst

    Cleanmarine Liquid  Krill Oil for kids is one of the best omega 3 supplements currently available for children. This supplement contains high levels of phospholipids. Phospholipids are a potent for... Learn More
  9. Eskimo Brain 3.6.9

    Eskimo Brain 3.6.9

    Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 contains a combination of Eskimo 3 fish oils as well as other special ingredients, including CoQ10 and GLA. Eskimo 3 fish oils are processed in a manner that preserves as many nu... Learn More
  10. Eskimo-3


    Eskimo 3 Oil is one the purest fish oil supplements on the market. Unlike cod liver oils, it is taken from the muscle of the fish rather than the liver, allowing it to be purer. It contains a ra... Learn More

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