What is Arnica ?

Arnica is a herbaceous plant with a long history of use in homeopathy. The most well known use for arnica is to speed up the recovery time of bruises, but it can also provide you with a pain relieving effect and reduce swelling. Arnica creams, gels and oils can be applied topically to the joints or anywhere you are suffering from pain or swelling, whether it’s a sprain, bruising, muscular or joint pain. It helps by stopping the excessive inflammatory response from the body, the cause of most inflammatory pain. For bruising, it helps to disperse trapped blood under the skin, improving the appearance of bruises. It is the perfect natural remedy to keep at home or in a gym bag to help deal with sports injuries. There are also arnica tablets which provide non-targeted pain relief, and can help to diminish swelling and speed up the healing time.

Buying Arnica

There are a variety of arnica preparations available here at Evergreen Healthfoods to suit all needs. There are gels and creams, balms and massage oils which can all be applied topically to the muscles and joints for pain relief. There are also arnica tablets which provide non-targeted pain relief, so take a look and see which product suits your needs the most.
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  1. Atlantic Aromatics Arnica Oil

    Atlantic Aromatics Arnica Oil

    Atlantic Aromatics Arnica Oil is a pure oil extracted from the flowers of arnica montana in helianthus annus oil, used for its pain-relieving and health promoting properties. This product is partic... Learn More
  2. Nelsons Arnicare

    Nelsons Arnicare

    Nelsons Arnicare is a topical herbal remedy, prepared from the Arnica Montana plant. This natural skincare product is a great addition to any first aid kit. It is ideal for the treatment of all bru... Learn More
  3. Weleda Arnica 30C

    Weleda Arnica 30C

    The Weleda Arnica 30C tablets are a homepathic remedy with several natural healing properties. They can be used for pain relief, to diminish swelling and begin healing. They can also be used before... Learn More
  4. Weleda Arnica Massage Balm

    Weleda Arnica Massage Balm

    The Weleda Arnica Massage Balm is a traditional herbal remedy for providing relief from aches and pains associated with rheumatism, muscular pain, bruising and sprains. This excellent oil can be ma... Learn More
  5. Weleda Arnica Ointment

    Weleda Arnica Ointment

    This Arnica Ointment from Weleda is a traditional herbal remedy that provides symptomatic relief of pain associated with bruising and sprains. This ointment can also help to reduce swelling, stiffn... Learn More