Immune Complexes

What are Immune Complexes?

Immune Complexes are specially made health food supplements which contain numerous natural ingredients to help support the immune system. If you find that you are becoming more susceptible to illnesses like colds and flus, your immune system may not be getting all of the nutrients it needs. Managing a full and balanced diet which covers all your needs can be difficult, and in times of stress we may need additional nutrients. Thankfully here at Evergreen we stock a wide and varied range of natural supplements which can improve your immune systems response to illness. One approach to supporting immune function is taking natural supplements containing the likes of astragalus or elderberry. These nutrient rich plants are packed full of immune supporting antioxidants, which can help to alleviate the symptoms of a cold or flu, reducing swelling in the sinuses and reducing congestion. Another approach is providing the body with the key vitamins and minerals it needs, such as vitamin B6 and Zinc. A vitamin and mineral complex with these ingredients can do wonders for the immune systems response to threats, and they often contain the likes of vitamin B2 and magnesium to further increase their effectiveness.

Buying Immune Complexes

Here at Evergreen Healthfoods we are happy to offer you such a wide and varied selection of natural supplements which can help support your immune health. With all kinds of tablets, capsules, liquids and more, there is sure to be something here that suits your needs. You can take a closer look at each item to find the product that's right for you. .
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