What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine can help support the structure and maintain the function of joints. Glucosamine is an important factor in the bio-synthesis of proteins and lipids. These proteins and lipids make up the cartilage and muscle around the joints which enable us to move. It can be beneficial to people who are suffering from the likes of osteoarthritis, as it can cause a reduction in pain and restore some lost mobility. This strengthened connective tissue helps prevent wear and tear to the joints. Whether you are young or old, taking care of these joints is important for a long life with a full range of mobility. As we age the glucosamine levels in our body start to drop, and in times of strenuous exercise we require more than usual to counteract the stresses put on our joints, so ensuring you have all the necessary ingredients to maintain your joints is the best things you can do.

Buying Glucosamine Glucosamine supplements are available from Evergreen Healthfoods on their own, or as part of a joint complex with other ingredients. You will find tablets and capsules, powders, liquids and gels containing glucosamine, so take a closer look at the product pages to see which supplement suits your needs.

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