What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid, one of the main ingredients in the biosynthesis of proteins which make up the muscles. For joint and muscle health, glutamine is one of the most important components of muscle protein, accounting for over 60% of skeletal muscle. But glutamine is responsible for more body functions than that. It is a major source of energy in the muscles, and serves a number of functions in the digestive system. Glutamine can most commonly be found in meat like beef, pork, chicken, fish as well as animal products like eggs and dairy, which can often be sufficient for most people. But in times of stress or during bouts of intense training and workouts, the body’s demand for glutamine increases. If the increased demand isn’t met, the body can catabolise (break down) existing muscle to gain the necessary amounts. Glutamine is needed for full muscle recovery, so having an adequate supply may help to speed up your recovery time and alleviate fatigue.

Buying Glutamine

Here at Evergreen Healthfoods we can offer you a selection of glutamine and glutamine containing supplements. There are capsules and powders which can provide all the necessary ingredients for muscle growth and recovery. Take a look at the product pages for more information on which product best suits your needs.
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