Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

What is Vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 belongs to the group of water-soluble B vitamins. It is also commonly referred to as pantothenic acid. It plays an important role in the body including helping keep your liver, skin, hair, and eyes healthy. As well as this, vitamin B5 can help reduce tiredness and fatigue and also helps the body to breakdown and utilize fats and carbohydrates. Pantothenic acid is also crucial for manufacturing red blood cells and stress-related hormones and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Vitamin B5 can be found in many foods, however often the vitamin in lost in processing. Meat, fresh vegetables, and unprocessed wholegrains are all excellent sources of vitamin B5. This vitamin is essential for the helping the body utilize other b vitamins. For this reason, B-complex vitamins supplements are very popular.

Buying Vitamin B5 Supplements

At, we stock a wide range of B-complex vitamins in many forms including tablets, capsules, sprays and liquids. As well as this we have vitamin B5 available on its own and in different strengths. Take a look at our extensive range of products for more information on finding out which one is best suited to your needs.
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